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We are binarypeople, a software development company located in the heart of Germany. We are a small and young team of skilled and passionated software enthusiasts. We cover a broad span of programming languages and development environments.

Our skills at a glance

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C / C++
MFC: The old lady of object-oriented Windows programming. Aged but not to get dead and thus widely used for Windows desktop applications. Till version 6 we are very familiar with WinAPI's C++ wrapper.
WDK: We are very well experienced in developing printer drivers for Windows. This includes full knowledge about the Windows printing architecture and its components: Port Monitors, Drivers (up to the v4 model), etc.
Qt: Since version 1.4 we are developing cross-plattform software with formerly Trolltech's application framework. Linux/KDE and Windows are the two operating systems, we are present on. We contributed to KDE's KDevelop in the early stages for example.
Enterprise: Tomcat, JBoss, JSP, JSF, SEAM, EJB, Vaadin and so on... We cope with them and can help you selecting and architecting these frameworks to a powerful enterprise software supporting your business.
Desktop: Swing UIs and even frumpy Applets are on our menu list.
Android: We are developing Apps for Android tablets & handset devices.
.NET: ASP & ADO. Azure-managed or a development for a non-cloud scenario. We can provide advice.
Windows Forms: As more modern Windows application UIs are make use of WinForms, we also cover this graphical application API, use it extensively in our own projects and also have a great knowledge of Windows UI design paradigms.
Windows Mobile: We are developing Apps for Windows Phone & Windows RT tablet devices.
iOS: We are developing Apps for iPhone & iPad.
Windows Installer
MSI: We know how to build flexible and well formed MSI packages for the Windows Installer mechanism. This also includes repacking and managing the packages software deployment.
Print formats
PDF & XPS: We have expert experience in working with PDF - the standard graphic format. Also about the standards for PDF/A and PDF/X, XPS and other printing formats.
HTML: Not our core business but we can state that we are also very familiar with HTML. We are addicted to a 'close to the code approach' so we are using tools like Adobe Brackets to hack our websites together.
CSS: Same statement as for HTML is also valid for CSS. We are very curios about making websites responsive for different screen sizes. For example we are using Twitter's Bootstrap CSS collection to beautify our websites.
JavaScript: Besides using JS for our websites, we are also familiar with Smartclient.
Seeburger BIS
5 & 6:
Expert knowledge in Seeburger BIS' Front-end, Mapping Designer and Developer Studio/Workflow Designer.